Moody Bats is a new musical duo based out of Augusta, Georgia. Their music encompasses many different styles and genres ranging from acoustic, to rock, and classical music. Their debut album “Blessing” is a mix of all three. The album was entirely written and produced by the duo in their home. 

“Blessing” was written partly as a way of bringing something light into an increasingly dark world. The duo also wanted to go back to the days of artists writing full cohesive albums. “I love when an album has its own world you can get lost in, we tried to do that with this album”. Through the journey of its conception, “Blessing" started to take on, “themes of water” and “light shining through dark”. “We hope this comes through in the music”, the duo said. 

“Blessing" has been described as, “acoustic rock… with a lot of keyboards”. “Blessing” was released on February 12, 2020 and is available for streaming on all major platforms. It is also available to download on our Bandcamp page. 


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